4 Signs Your Marriage Is Heading Towards A Divorce 

 January 30, 2022


Divorce is a process where marriage leads to termination. It is not a pleasant event to go through but at times circumstances lead you towards divorce for good. For instance, if a couple stops appreciating each other, prioritizing each other, lacking communication, criticizing each other all the time, etc, chances are your marriage might end in a divorce. However, the option for divorce mediation is always there to help the couple with better decisions, heading towards divorce is a bitter experience. No one gets married with a thought in mind to get divorced later. Here are a few signs that can help you know if your marriage is moving towards a divorce.

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Table of Contents

1. Changed Priorities

It often happens that as time passes, people change and their priorities change. If you find yourself and your partner spending less time together, not putting effort into your marriage, or lying, chances are your marriage might lead to a divorce.

There’s no responsibility-sharing in house chores and other events, there’s a changed behavior and the way you talk to each other. All these signs are an indicator that things are going in the wrong direction and have changed.

2. Playing Blame Games

It is normal to fight with your spouse and disagree on several things but if that changes to fighting 24/7 and complaining about every single thing, then things are heading in the wrong direction. You find yourself blaming each other for no valid reason and picking a fight all the time.

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Constant criticism and blame games can result in a frustrating situation. No one is wrong all the time. We see flaws in those whom we don’t like.

3. Lack Of Affection

Lack of affection in your marriage can easily lead to divorce. Whether it’s related to sex or having an intimate connection with your partner, affection is crucial to keep your relationship alive. Although other responsibilities, jobs, child-rearing, etc, can lead to less intimacy but it still has to be there.

Having no intimate connection with your partner for a very long time is an alarming situation. You both cannot just live like a roommate because that won’t last for long.

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4. Lack Of Communication

Communication is key to solving several problems irrespective of the relationship. Talking to each other about the things that make you happy or the things that make you upset to let your partner know. In addition, sharing daily events at work or what’s happening in your life is necessary to keep your partner informed and updated.

On the other hand, if the couple is reluctant to share their happiness and sadness with others then what’s the point of marriage after all. The signs of lack of communication are answering each other’s questions with short replies or ignoring them altogether. In addition, changing the subject of argument and not discussing it at all. Or physically backing off from a conversation to avoid it are few red flags of lack of communication.

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