Finding the Right Medications for Your Naturopathic Diet 

 March 17, 2018

Despite the big advertising and our common culture, we still have difficulty getting what medication we always have at home so that we can use them. Of course, we talk about medicines that can be taken without a prescription when there are any symptoms, such as fever, headache, palpitations, mental tension, etc. Our advice naturopath toronto is always to consult your trusted physician – how and what medications and under what circumstances you should take. It is very important to know which medicines you should not take alone. For example, never start antibiotics yourself. This is a common mistake. Even more dangerous for children. The antibiotic is not a medicine of urgent order. Better wait for your doctor to review: is there an indication of an antibiotic and what it is.

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Very often there are patients who, after the onset of symptoms – sore throat, fever, cough, etc. have started an antibiotic to “stop” the disease. This is a huge mistake. The wrong antibiotic may only make it difficult for a doctor who is faced with a problem and must decide whether to continue the same or to change it. But it is so that for one disease we will already take two antibiotics – this is the most direct path to resistance (not responding) to further infections of strong, broad-spectrum antibiotics.

This is just one example of how we should not determine the drug itself.
But there are situations and medications that we need to solve for ourselves.
For example, in every home we need Paracetamol or Nurofen for pain and fever, Imodium for acute diarrhea, and others. In this context of thought, you will get a help with the necessary homeopathic preparations that clinics have to carry with them and which will quickly affect the acute symptoms.

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Naturopathic medicines have been created on a herbal, mineral, mineral base. The original substance is repeatedly diluted. This process is strictly controlled and is called dynamism – it also increases the force in the action of medication along with dilution.
Indisputable advantage of homeopathic remedies is their harmlessness – they can be given to both newborns and pregnant women.

A very important condition is – 20 minutes before their intake there should be nothing in your mouth – food, alcohol, toothpaste, menthol containing chewing gums and candy.

Once you start with the medications you should always carry them with you and if you use them for the purpose – you will feel a quick effect.

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Anyone who responds violently to a bee bite must have it too. Its effect is faster than cortisone. Its use does not exclude taking of other allopathic / normal / medications.
When biting, we start taking in half an hour for 5 granules and diluting them when we improve them.
Apis is written in dilution 15 or 30.

It is also shown in:

all types of edema of allergic or inflammatory nature that may be

local – bite by insects,

generalized – sun stroke or urticaria.

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