FTMO review: Key Attributes of the FTMO 

 November 21, 2022

Some in the media and traders regard FTMO, a proprietary trading business, as the finest of its kind. The company is very new, having launched in 2015, compared to other prop firms operating for at least a decade. However, the company’s growth has been consistent, and it now provides funding to over 10,000 traders in over 180 countries from its base in the Czech Republic.

The company’s mission is to identify talented market participants who need more resources to participate profitably in today’s market.

This prop trading business has devised a two-step assessment procedure, the FTMO Challenge and Verification that traders must pass to handle up to $400,000 in capital, with the prospect of increasing this amount to $2 million as part of its growth strategy.

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The profit split, in which traders may keep up to 90% of all gains while incurring no losses, is a significant selling point for FTMO. This FTMO review will take a deeper look at some of FTMO’s most vital characteristics.

Key Attributes of the FTMO

FTMO is one of the most competitive platforms since they offer various tools and serve as a central hub for capital-backed traders.

·         A Strategy for Scaling Up

In the challenge phase, you can specify the type of account you’d want to have. After your account is approved, you must continue to trade within the plan’s parameters. For example, if you were given a $200,000 credit line, you must not exceed that amount. Thankfully, this restriction is temporary. The FTMO staff will review your progress every four months and raise your account limit by 25% if you’ve been doing well.

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·         Service that Quickly Responds to Requests

If you have questions or concerns, such as a canceled payment, the FTMO customer support team has an excellent reputation and is available in 13 languages to help you.

·         No Ongoing Fees

Working with this company is very transparent in terms of pricing. A one-time registration fee is all that is required. Additionally, this charge is reversed when you make your first withdrawal or generate a profit.

The FTMO Trading Academy is available to private trading company clients as well. It’s a helpful place to learn about new trading platforms, meet promising new traders, and watch videos if you’re starting the industry. In addition, you may access downloadable expert advisors and trade indicators from your account dashboard.

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·         Apps like MetriX and Others

This handy software keeps tabs on your trading activity and analyzes your strengths and flaws. Everyone, including those using the demo version of the software, may take advantage of this app. You may track your progress toward your trading goals with the help of the app’s (also web-browser-accessible) key performance indicators.

Best funded trader accounts

There is no better way to trade than with a fully funded account. Making money doing something you enjoy puts no financial risk on your shoulders. The beginning trader would benefit much from a fully financed trading program. I’d want to review some of The following Best funded trader accounts.

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·         Maverick

Maverick is unquestionably the best trading firm in the world. Even if you lack extensive trading knowledge, you can get started with Maverick thanks to its access to human advisers and the increasingly popular Robo advisors.

Maverick offers webinars and courses every workday. During regular work hours, it’s simple to enhance your abilities with the support of classes and webinars.

·         Apex Trader Funding

Darrell Martin established the trading group Apex Trader Funding in 2008. There are more than 30,000 active members from over 150 countries. Futures contracts may be traded continuously for 23 hours daily with no daily drawdowns using Apex Trader Funding. However, there is a maximum account amount that serves as a permanent trailing boundary. If a player’s balance drops below the competition’s minimum, they are eliminated from the game.

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·         myForexFunds

A subsidiary of Traders Global Group Incorporated, myForexFunds was launched in July 2020. Rapid expansion has led to daily service for more than 2,000 consumers worldwide.

To accommodate all traders, three distinct funding options are provided. Beginners may use the Rapid accounts to begin trading forex and CFDs immediately. At the same time, intermediate and advanced traders can take advantage of the Evaluation program, and advanced traders can open an Accelerated account funded with real money right away.

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