How do you choose the right movers for you? 

 May 24, 2022

Since the government limits in March 2020, there have been more than a million searches for ‘moving houses’ COVID-related enquiries. Therefore, the residential removals sector is struggling to meet demand. Regional Australia is flourishing as many Australians commute from cities to towns and villages, with more work opportunities.

According to the most recent ABS data, capital cities lost a net of 10,600 people in the quarter ending December 2020 compared to just 3,800 city dwellers who relocated to the rural regions in Australia in the year preceding the epidemic. Moving to a new house is exciting, but it can also be quite challenging. Packing, unpacking, and arranging is not a game for children. Therefore, most individuals hire Melbourne movers to help them with their relocation. Here are ten crucial things to consider while looking for professional movers in Melbourne:

Request referrals from family and friends

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Begin your search for the appropriate mover by asking individuals you trust for referrals. Your realtor, coworkers, and acquaintances may be able to recommend a local moving business to employ and moving firms to avoid!

Obtain in-person and written estimates

Getting an in-person written quote guarantees that the estimate you acquire from each moving business is as precise as possible while also learning more about the mover’s services.

Be honest with your estimator.

Show your estimator all the boxes, furniture, clothes, and belongings you want the moving firm to move. While professional movers in Melbourne cannot force you to pay more on the day of your move to transport goods that were not included in your quote, the movers can refuse to move anything you did not include in your written quote.

Inquire about additional fees

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Nobody hates surprises on moving day, so make sure to enquire about any additional expenses, like petrol surcharges, extra stops, and equipment fees, that may be included in your total bill.

Think about using packing services

If you’re like most individuals, you detest the prospect of packing up everything you own. Search for a moving company that provides packing and crating services—this can significantly reduce the burden of your next move.

Discuss insurance protection

Inquire about insurance coverage for your possessions, and acquire coverage terms in writing. It would be best to investigate whether your homeowners’ insurance coverage covers items en route to your new house.

Examine the references

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Reputable movers in Melbourne will be proud of their status and gladly give you testimonials from previous customers. Be careful to check these recommendations because the character, not just cost, should play a role in your ultimate pick.

Experience is important.

While it may be tempting to select a local moving business that offers rock-bottom costs, keep in mind that the moving business is rife with unlicensed movers with little expertise. Look for a qualified mover with the necessary skills to complete the job correctly.

Conduct your research

Inquire about the names under which the moving company works, and then verify those names using a search online and by calling the Business Bureau.

Inquire about service awards

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Inquire about any awards or certificates the moving company has received from their local trade group, small company association, or other industry body.

Remember that selecting the appropriate moving company may make the shift to your new place an easy, stress-free process, so do your homework and chose a qualified mover you can rely on.

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