May 30, 2022

New in the city? Low on budget? No idea where to stay? The answer to these questions is pg or paying guests. The concept of living in pg is preferable. Nowadays, people are living in a fast-moving world where one has to travel from one place to another regularly. Coming to a new city for a few days to attend medical treatment living in a hostel is pocket family brother than living in our hotel, which will be expensive. Hotels can be expensive or cheap, but it is not within our luxury to search for cheap hotels every time. In addition, there is a problem with food. Not every hotel provides food service. So often we look for hotels near the restaurant, which increases our expenditure. So pg in Baner Pune for female are preferred at a very cheap amount.

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If you talk about the benefits of living in a pg, we have to know its advantages in chronological order.

  •     Pgs are cheap: Compared to a hotel, a pg is less expensive.As pg does not offer hospitality services, it is cheaper than a hotel. Rooms in the hotel consist of expensive furniture, including a bed, sofa, wardrobe, table, chair, etc. It also consists tv and refrigerator. If we consider a room in a pg, it is quite simple compared to a room in a hotel. Rooms of PG may consist of a bed and a wardrobe or an almirah.

PGs are situated, in some strategic locations, like near schools, colleges, and offices. To be more precise, these are built in those places for specific purposes. Let’s assume a person has travelled from his hometown to a city for schooling. He will prefer living in a PG which is quite close to his school, and in many cases, students of those schools live in such nearby pg s. On the other hand, a person goes to a city for higher education, such as an MBA. He will prefer the pg, which is near to his college. Additionally, a person prefers to live in PG when he goes to other places for an internship for a few days.

  •     Opportunity for network building:living on a PC not only helps you to explore yourself but also to develop a friendship. In a PG, different people live together. Each people have their own goal. They pursue their dream blindly, and they will support your goals which you aim. Let’s assume that you are the first person in your family to pursue MBA. Similarly, your roommates in the PG may be in a similar situation, as they are pursuing the streams which are not taken in their family. He will feel a kinship with your roommates as they are in a similar situation and following their goals like yourself. This will help you to create brotherhood with others.
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  •     Tight security:is one of the key features of a PG. Security is an important concern, especially for girls. Almost every paying guest accommodation provides employees with tight security for safety purposes. Even some pg have provisions for biometric entry system, CCTV cameras, and watchman for 24×7. Girls need better security and safety, so it is advisable for girls to prefer a pg over some rental flats which provide low security.


  •     Chances for character development:Generally, children live with their parents, and they take care of them. Living under the umbrella of parents and living alone are different. When we live alone, we have to be self-dependent. We have to make every decision alone. We get to understand the hash world. This will help us to accept reality and motivate us for self-introspection and character development.
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  •     Types of PG: Add present, there as basically two types of PG. Firstly there is pg specifically for students, and secondly, there are PGs that are job-oriented. Student-friendly PGs have some specified rules and regulations so that the students can focus on their academics and can get a good result. Even in some cases, students of similar types of streams are put together so that they can perform a group study. If you talk about the profession, there are many options like banking, real estate, insurance, hospitality, IT, etc. These types of people living together in a PG are not only helpful but also professional friendly. They care about dining facilities, easy entry, and exit, including some other basic facilities.
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So, in the end, it can be said that PG and hostel in Banner Pune or any other place have numerous advantages, starting from being excessively cheap, easy to move in and exit, and student and professional, friendly atmosphere. Additionally, it provides a sense of safety and security, so students, especially female students, should prefer PGs for accommodation.

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