Only for real daredevils – the basics of sports betting 

 May 24, 2022

Sports betting is prevalent – and has been since ancient times. Even today, you can place a bet on almost every sport on 22Bet live betting in Kenya, the most common of which is football. Of course, you can bet on your favorite club simply by feeling or out of conviction, but usually, behind a winning bet is more knowledge than just a gut feeling or a crush on a club. So what should you consider to place a successful sports bet?

Necessary steps

More and more men have chosen a hearty evening with the excitement that sports betting brings as a real happening with friends. A cozy group of men who live with the excitement of a certain event brings the right spice to the evening program on the outcome of which the participants have a bet. However, a few things should be considered beforehand. You need an excellent bookmaker, analytical skills to calculate the best odds and probabilities, and an excellent tip for a successful bet. Then nothing stands in the way of a win, and you could benefit from good bonuses – if you had the right nose.

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The sport determines the responsible bookmaker

Simply intending to place a bet is not enough. Because beforehand, it must be clear what is being bet on and where this bet is to be placed. The first step must therefore be to decide on a sport. If possible, one that you are familiar with.

You can bet on almost anything. In football, boxing matches, horse racing, and ice hockey, it is only essential that you choose a sport suitable for betting at all and in which a bet is possible. Then you can develop a good strategy.


As soon as it is clear which sport it should be, step 2 follows: Which bookmaker can you place the desired bet with? When it comes to popular sports like football, one can find many online bookmakers on the Internet.

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However, choosing something rarer, such as a dog race, becomes more difficult. Nevertheless, the search via the Internet is still the most successful. But, of course, bets can also be placed in betting shops.


Nothing works without analysis

An analysis of the odds is an essential part. Which team is the favorite in the chosen sport? Who is an outsider or an underdog? Any helpful information about the players (injuries or similar) can help estimate who will emerge victoriously.


Professionals primarily consider empirical values: Who has won more often so far? How clear were the victories? In which composition, for example, was football more likely to win? Anyone who bets more often develops their system here, paying attention to various aspects regardless of odds.

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The analysis is perhaps even less exciting for beginners, and decisions are usually made based on gut feeling. But a pro will delve into it extensively to have the best possible chance of winning. It is also essential to look at the offers and the odds on the betting portals. In the event of a win, where is the most money?


Its use must be carefully considered

Once you’ve made your decision, it’s time to use it. How high should the stake be? What happens in case of a win, and what happens in case of a loss? Ultimately, gambling can become addictive and poses a degree of danger. Therefore, every gambler should carefully assess how much money they are willing to risk and what loss they could afford to lose.

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Especially at the beginning, when you are still in the practice phase and do not yet have a good command of the analyses, it is advisable to start with smaller amounts. Even then, the joy of a win is great.


Correct assessment based on statistics

What sounds pretty dry is what helps the pros win more often. You choose a bet with good odds, preferably with a short betting time and a high hit rate – the strategy is also called betting against late goals.


A closer analysis makes it easy for those in the know. To determine the chances of a goal being scored after the 80th minute of the game. If you do that well, you can estimate that you have good odds, and a profit of about 50% is safe for the bettor.

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However, this system does not work in games lacking clear favorites or games with KO mode.

If you prefer to bet just for fun and do not want to deal with strategies and analyzes in detail, you should keep the stakes low or bet free with play money. Because risks are quite normal when betting and can, unfortunately, lead to a player quickly becoming indebted.

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