Palo Santo Essential Oils – A Holy Wood Yields An Exceptional Healing Oil 

 March 7, 2018

Palo Santo happens to be in the frankincense ancestors of essential oils and comes today from Ecuador. The oils are made through steam distillation of the dried wood, bark and branches. Palo Santo essential oils have been into the market since long and are being distilled from the limbs of the plants which have fallen to the earth. Even though the oil is there in little trees as well as saplings, the superior quality is extracted from the aged heartwood. Palo Santo essential oil is mainly golden yellowish, with an intense and fresh citrus aroma. Under the lemony top notes are subtle resinous wood notes along with a bit of medicinal pungency, which gives the oil an intriguing complexity.

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palosantoessentialoileh3 1024x536 - Palo Santo Essential Oils – A Holy Wood Yields An Exceptional Healing Oil

Conventionally, Palo Santo was just known to the natives of Latin American as Spiritual oil. The tradition goes back to the Incas who used to cleanse and purify the air of negative energies. It is a Spanish term that even tells us that it was considered sacred or holy. Palo Santo is one of the most crucial trees used in the conventional ethno-botanical medicine of South America. It is commonly used as incense that helps repel mosquitoes. The wood is cooked into decoction and taken for infections, fevers and even skin diseases. Get to know more about Palo Santo Incense

Ho Can Palo Santo Help You?

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As for the modern time usability, people are still exploring how beneficial Palo Santo essential oils can be. It is in t he frankincense family however found on another continent too. It is a fragrance that can lift you to a spiritual place just as frankincense does. Reviews show that there have been cases where it has been found to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumoral, and useful for bone healing and sciatic pain. Palo Santo essential oils analysis reveals that it comprises of high levels of limonene, which is a monoterpene substance that has been found to have chemo-therapeutic and chemo-preventive effects against the different types of cancer. In medical aromatherapy, the oils can be used to alleviate anxiety, panic attacks, respiratory issues such as colds, cough, asthma, for migraines and headaches, and in massage therapy for inflammation of joints and muscles and body pains. Glycerin Soap can be beneficial in healing skin related issues. In spiritual aromatherapy, it can be useful for concentration, meditation and for boosting learning and creativity.

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