May 28, 2022

Whether you’re looking to place sports bets or play live bet, you’ll always need a reliable method of depositing (and withdrawing your winnings). You will be able to choose between one of the multiple payment systems accepted by betting and casino websites… which we will explain to you in this section.

At MisCasasdeApuestas we have listed the main means of payment and we have decided to do so because including all of them would make the list extra long, but here you will find the most important ones. We have focused above all on cost, ease of transaction, and security as the main criteria

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Neteller is a digital payment service that works as an electronic wallet (e-wallet) with which you can accumulate and spend money in online transactions. Today it is a widely used means of payment in internet betting.

To use Neteller at bookmakers, you simply need to load funds into your e-wallet from your bank and select Neteller as the payment method on the betting website in question.


  • Easy to use – Neteller has a simple and intuitive website and service
  • Does not require additional software
  • It is a secure payment method – Neteller has been around for a few years and has become a fully trusted company
  • Offered by almost all major online bookmakers.
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  • A commission (2.5%) may apply
  • Some bookmakers restrict welcome bonuses for customers who deposit with Neteller


It is almost impossible to find a bookmaker that does not accept Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards, and some also accept Maestro and Diners. A card is the fastest and most direct form of payment that you can use to deposit or withdraw funds from bookmakers.


  • Speed ​​of transactions: Regardless of the Visa or Mastercard you use, the transaction should not take more than 24 hours to complete.
  • Trust and availability – Any e-commerce website, retailer or bookmaker will trust Visa and Mastercard, which is why virtually all bookmakers accept this payment method.
  • Cost: fees are rarely charged, unlike other payment methods.
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Although highly unlikely, the only DISADVANTAGE would be hackers stealing your card information when you enter your details online. The data is saved by the bookmaker once you enter it, so there would be the same risk if there is a breach of their cybersecurity.


Skrill (Moneybookers) is an electronic wallet that works similarly to Neteller. In order to use it, you simply have to select the currency in which you want to deposit and fill in some basic personal information to be able to start using your Skrill account. It has become a well-known and popular means of payment within the internet gaming business.

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  • fast payments
  • It is a safe method
  • You do not have to leave your bank details at the bookmaker


A commission (1-2%) may apply

Some bookmakers restrict welcome bonuses for customers who deposit with Skrill


This brand is the world leader in prepaid cards. These types of cards allow us to deposit funds into our betting account without having to provide any type of bank or personal information. You can find Paysafecard prepaid cards in shops, supermarkets, service stations… There are €10, €25, €50 and €100 cards. The cards have a 16-digit PIN code that you must enter on the betting website for the deposit to be effective.

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  • Widely accepted by bookmakers
  • You do not have to give your bank details


The drawback of this means of payment is that it will not allow you to withdraw funds, since it is an exclusive method for deposits – occasionally, you will find betting sites that do not allow you to take advantage of the welcome bonus if you enter with Paysafecard.


Paypal was the first of the electronic wallets and is currently the most popular globally. Very few online betting companies do not accept it as a means of payment, both to deposit funds and to withdraw them. It’s as easy as linking our Paypal account to the betting website and starting to use it.

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Here you can expand information on bookmakers with Paypal as a means of depositing and withdrawing funds.



  • Security
  • Easy to use
  • You do not have to leave your bank details at the bookmaker


The only disadvantage is that, in relation to bank cards, it is a slower system – but at the same time, it is faster than bank transfers.


Bizum is one of the latest mobile payment systems to emerge in Spain, and more betting websites accept it every day, especially those of Spanish origin. In fact, more than 20 Spanish banking entities joined forces to launch Bizum mobile payments.

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It is an online mobile payment system that, instead of requiring its own application, is directly integrated into the mobile application of your bank.


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