Pin Up Aviator Game – Play and Win Big Money 

 October 14, 2022

Description: In India, the Pin Up Aviator game is one of the most popular because it allows users to earn enough money. With this review, Indian players who are still unfamiliar with this game will get that opportunity.

Pin Up Casino India

This Indian casino operates under a Curacao license. It is worth noting that the official website of the casino supports the Hindi language, and the casino support team will also be able to communicate with you in it. Thus, Pin Up aviator Casino India is adapted for the Indian audience and provides all conditions for your gaming comfort.


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Pin Up Casino India’s library has plenty of slots, which means you won’t be limited in your choices and will always find the right one for you. There are good slots with different themes in the casino’s catalogs. The most popular and reliable slot machines are collected in a separate section and constantly updated. A huge advantage of playing in this casino is that you have the opportunity to test using the demo mode. After the trial version, you can play for money. In case you win, a sum of money will be credited to your balance. The possibility of using the demo version will help you to avoid reckless money spending. Graphics games will not leave anyone indifferent and will brighten up your playing time.

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When you open the company’s website, you will find the most user-friendly interface and pleasant design. Newcomers will not need much time to get oriented, because the site has navigation by sections. Registration on the site is simple and does not take much time, you can register an account via email or through social networks. Gambling establishments are divided by brands and games are divided by categories. All search queries are instantly processed. The mechanisms of getting bonuses and participating in promotions will also be explained to you.


As already mentioned, the site is regulated by a license from Curacao. The casino supports several payment systems, so you can choose the most suitable one for you. Account replenishment you will be able to make by payment or credit card, e-wallet, or through instant payment services. So let’s take a look at the exciting new game that Pin Up Casino India has to offer!


Pin Up Aviator Game

At the moment, the gambling industry is in a state of constant development, which requires it to develop new interesting, and bright ideas. The largest betting companies and online casinos are creating new events and expanding betting opportunities. For example, today it is possible to bet on cybersports, other rare sports, on the sites of bookmakers constantly held various tournaments and promotions. In order to make this site more attractive, the developers have decided to add a brand new game – The Pin Up Aviator game.


Aviator is a new multiplayer game where users play for real money, which can also be won. The game has attracted millions of players from around the world, and now this game is available for residents of India on the platform Pin Up Casino India.

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How to Play the Pin Up Aviator Game?

The essence of this game is as follows: the plane is gaining altitude, moving along a curved trajectory. At the same time the odds of winning increase. The player needs to complete the flight of the plane and take his winnings before the plane flies out of the boundaries of the field.


The interest of the game is that the player can not predict the further course of events of the game. That is, he does not know when the plane will fly over the borders of the field. Pin Up Aviator players have to decide when to cash out the bet made. You can lose all your winnings by choosing the wrong moment. This makes the gameplay intriguing.

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The rules of the game are as simple and clear as possible. Going to the casino website, you need to go to the section “Aviator”. After that, you can make a bet. Then the plane will appear on the main screen, which will start its flight upward. The bets will change depending on how high it is. The indicator on the bet button shows users the sum of money they can win if they now click the “Cashout” button. You should keep in mind that you cannot predict when the plane will fly away. Therefore, when the amount of cash out seems sufficient for you, click on the button and get your winnings. Playing this game, you always have the risk of losing your bet.

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So, the rules of Aviator are as easy as possible. If you like excitement, risks, and big money on bets, do not miss your opportunity!

Automatic Game Mode

In addition to the normal way of playing the Aviator game, you can also try another option. You can use the auto-play mode. To do this, find the switch button that changes “Bet” to “Auto” and click on it. Aviator will offer you several autoplay options:


  • You can stop the game when the amount of possible prizes decreases by a certain number. This option is called “Stop if the amount decreases by”;
  • With “Stop if cash increases by” the game will end when the multiplier starts to increase by a certain amount;
  • If the result of a single bet reaches a certain amount of money set by you, you can use the option called “Stop if single win exceeds”.
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Thus, you will be able to choose a mode convenient for you and pick up the number of your winnings!

Fair Play Policy

For some of you, once you start the game, it may seem that you will never get your winnings because your results will seem too good. However, this game is fair to all players, which can easily be proven.


Before a round, a special system generates a number at which the plane starts flying, thus completing a particular round of the game. Aviator works with the Provably Fair generator, which makes it obvious that the game is completely clean and fair.

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You can also check the performance of the game using the history panel at the top of the screen. There is no particular mechanism that will try to leave you with no winnings. Your success is based entirely on your luck. This platform guarantees the fairest play and game results and does not allow third parties to influence the course of the game. The results of your bets cannot be changed by technicians.


You can also check the performance of the game using the history panel at the top of the screen. There is no particular mechanism that will try to leave you with no winnings. The odds of winning are extremely high because the probable payoff is basically 97%, which makes it very likely that you will win.

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Pin Up Aviator App

Bookmakers always try to take into account the wishes of customers, and this site is no exception. Many users want to have access to online casinos and games using their smartphones. This is why bookmakers develop special mobile applications, which you can install on your mobile device.


The game app is the official development of the company, which also duplicates the official bookmaker’s website. The program is constantly updated, which helps to quickly solve all the technical problems that arise. Thus, the bookmaker cares about the quality of service and your gaming comfort.


You can install the application on Android from the official website of the company. To do this, you need to:

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  • Go to the site from the browser on your device;
  • Click on the menu symbol in the upper left corner and in the opened tab click on “Install Android”;
  • Confirm the download by clicking on “OK”;
  • After downloading, you need to open it either through your browser or find the file through your explorer;
  • Confirm installation.


To install on iOS devices:


  • After opening your browser, go to the company’s official website;
  • Click on the menu button and select the “Install iOS” line;
  • On the page that opens, click on the “Download” button;
  • This will then open the App Store page, where you will need to download the app to install. During the process, you will be asked for permission to open the file.
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  • Do not hope that after a big win you will be lucky again immediately, save the money you have won;
  • You may not have time to cash out two bets made, so to be more confident, make only one at first;
  • After a big win, reduce your bet size or even skip a round or two;
  • Limit the time you spend in the game;
  • Don’t make rash bets; learn to understand when you can make the most of your bets;
  • Set a goal of some amount of money and after reaching it withdraw it. Without a set goal, the risk is not always justified;
  • Determine a gambling strategy for yourself and always follow it. Only if you have a clear strategy, you increase your chance of winning the game;
  • Be attentive and concentrate as much as possible, because attention and reaction are very important in this game.
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