Pointers to find out the risks related to gum disease and the best ways of overcoming them 

 August 18, 2022


Everybody wants to have healthy gum. However, things have changed today. People pay attention to teeth but miss out on their gums, where they make mistakes. Recently gum graft surgeries have changed their focus. The process involved the removal of tissue from the roof of the tooth for grafting in the lower jaw.


Sparkling white teeth is a sign of a healthy mouth. The gums work like a barrier that prevents inflammation from damaging the body. These diseases get linked to health issues like heart disease, diabetes, premature births, stroke, and low weight of babies during childbirth. So is there a way to fix the crisis? The answer is yes. You may prevent gum disease with regular flossing and brushing, regular dental checkups, and conscious oral hygiene.

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  • Understand gum disease

If you look at the reports of international health organizations, you will see that most individuals pay attention to their teeth and not their gums. Most of these thereby develop gum diseases that emanate from cavities and plaque. But gum disease requires your immediate attention. Just like the skin protects the bones, muscles, and major organs, the gum also protects the teeth and the overall structure, which holds the teeth in place. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, starts when cavities and plaque made up of bacteria, food particles, and mucus invade the space between teeth and gums. If you leave it unattended, it will get more infected and put your health at risk. If the gum disease leads to progress, it may become increasingly painful, challenging, and costly to treat.

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  • Different paradigms of gum disease

Since you know about gum disease, it’s fundamental to understand the stages of the disease. It includes the following:


  •   Gingivitis: Gingivitis is the primary phase of gum infection. In this stage, the gums become inflamed and may bleed now and then. Gingivitis may be turned around with regular flossing and brushing with dental checkups and dental cleaning. If you don’t do this regularly, gingivitis will progress and harm your oral health.


  •   Periodontitis: Periodontitis is the extreme stage of infection that may damage the whole oral structure and gums. The ligament and bone, which supports the teeth, start breaking down with time. The tooth becomes vulnerable and lost inside the socket. If you don’t go for treatment, it will eventually become worse.
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Apart from its impact on the mouth, gum disease also gets linked to other conditions like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and premature birth. If you go by statistics, you might notice that gum disease gets directly linked to pain and inflammation, which is challenging to treat at an advanced stage. It is thus essential to take image steps and control the inflammation and infection at an early stage. You may think of teeth whitening near me in Woodbury, for which you must go digital.


  • What is the percentage of individuals suffering from disease? 

If you look at reports from the health departments across the globe, you will see that one in seven individuals between 35 to 44 years suffers from gum disease. From severe periodontitis to gingivitis, the problem is common among them. However, one in four adults suffer from disorders as they age. Remember that the number of individuals enduring this problem is increasing with time. It’s because they take the issue lightly.

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Gum disease affects both women and men. Around 90% of the individuals who suffer from periodontitis are male. Theories further reveal that women take better care of their oral health and thereby reduce the risk of suffering from the disease. More so, women also do not have habits such as smoking and drinking.


  • Probable symptoms and signs of gum disease

People who have this disease suffer from pain and inflammation. However, early gingivitis may not be painful. It would benefit if you kept a check on the symptoms of gum issues before things take a severe turn. The signs that you have to watch out for are listed below:

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  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding or tender gums
  • Pain while sipping
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Lose teeth
  • Area around the gums becomes red and swollen


In some cases, gum disease requires surgery if a person is accustomed to cigarette smoking and alcohol.


  • What is the treatment for gum disease? 

The stages of gum disease are the determining factor of the treatment. In all circumstances, the goal is to bring the infection under control. Moreover, doctors try to prevent future damage, and thereby, the following processes are employed extensively:


  •   Scaling: For mild periodontitis, the dentist uses the scaling method. They remove infection-causing bacteria and plaque with this method of root scaling. It’s a type of deep cleaning process which removes plaque and bacteria from the gum line and the tooth root.
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  •   Medication: Sometimes, antimicrobial or antibiotic medication may reduce inflammation in the gum pocket. It comes in diverse forms, such as gel, mouth rinse, pills, and tiny particles, which the dentist places on the gum pocket.


  •   Surgery: When you see medication and deep cleaning not helping you rectify the problem, the dentist might go for the surgical process. There are two categories of surgery: flap surgery and bone graft surgery. Flap surgery removes the gum tissue; the dentist cleans the area underneath. This issue is then structured back and put in place. Gum graft surgery, on the other hand, grafts bone or tissue from a different part of the mouth in the damaged portion of the jaw or gum.
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  • How to prevent gum disease? 

Through some preventive measures, you may save yourself from several oral problems, such as pain and inflammation. These include the following:


  • Flossing every day
  • Brushing twice every day
  • Seeing the dentist for cleaning and regular checkup


Remember that professional cleaning helps remove tartar even if you floss and brush daily. Remember that the toothbrush must be soft bristle and use fluoride-based toothpaste. Opt for the dentist’s professional cleaning methods if the teeth and gums show damage symptoms. As already mentioned, the dentist is here to help you out. Hence, whenever you see signs of swelling or bleeding in the gum, you must get in touch with your physician as early as possible.

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