The Best PDF Editors for Law Sector 

 July 18, 2022



PDF for lawyers is a natural fit since the document format offers a safe, tamper-proof text template to share important and confidential legal information. PDFs are easy-to-create and fill out and make them ideal to share crucial data that cannot be misinterpreted or mistaken for something else. Since PDF court documents are essential to the legal profession many different edit PDF file software has emerged to meet the needs of legal professionals. These are some of the best edit PDF services that let users perform any number of functions. Users can either highlight and annotate PDFs or create new ones from pre-existing templates.

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Create “court-friendly” PDFs


Some PDF editors have specific functions and tools with the legal profession in mind. These tools include things like redaction features and making the scanned text searchable. Other typical PDF editing features are also useful to lawyers like splitting and merging different texts or inserting new pages or annotations to a legal brief.


But another important feature of the PDF that makes it invaluable to lawyers is the fact that a PDF is easier to share, send and file with a court. Lawyers can create their motions or documents and then file them with a court’s electronic filing system, which avoids the hassle of finding a courier or dealing with messy paperwork.

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Lumin PDF


Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that is also available in an offline version and features a wealth of different editing features. The program is browser-based but you can also download an offline version to edit, annotate, merge, split or create new PDF files. The user interface is not unlike many other types of desktop publishers so it is easy to navigate and understand.


You can choose to sync your Lumin account with a Google Drive or Dropbox account so all your changes will be saved automatically. This feature also lets users collaborate on the same document in real-time. People can open a file, share it with others and then review the document leaving comments or annotations.

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Nitro Pro 10


Nitro 10 is a PDF editing software bundle that includes many high-performing PDF tools, while also giving anyone from the legal profession access to legal-specific tools like e-signature filing and PDF security features. Nitro 10 comes in several packages based on the features they contain and three distinct bundles ranging from the Essentials package to a Pro and Platform version.


The Essentials package is Mac-only and has no Windows compatibility. The Pro package is Windows-only, while the Productivity Platform bundle works with both Mac and Windows. All the bundles include primary features like document splitting and conversion, while more advanced features include OCR technology and digital document certification.

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Kofax Power PDF Advanced


Kofax Power PDF Advanced is professional document editing software for everything from Supreme Court PDFs to everyday legal filings. The software is business-oriented and features such tools as document streamlining and PDF fillable form creation to cater to different aspects of a business’s daily operations.


Kofax is also compatible with other platforms and programs including OneDrive and Dropbox to help legal professionals easily save and store their important files. The program also offers valuable protective services that include everything from password encryption to other document restrictions while being compatible with several states’ e-filing regulations.

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Foxit PhantomPDF Business 7


Foxit PhantomPDF Business 7 is a premium PDF editor that lets users highlight and annotate PDFs, while also giving them many different editing tools like adding or removing text, changing the layout of a document, or adding new design elements like images or multimedia. The program supports both Windows and Mac and features an e-filing system that is compatible with regulations across the US.


The program gives users the ability to create new files and edit them according to individual preferences. Users can then share or send these new files to anyone and store them in a cloud-based platform since the program syncs well with any cloud-based system. You can also scan and enter the PDF into the browser to make it text-searchable with OCR technology.

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Tracker PDF XChange Pro


PDF-XChange Editor Plus is a high-performance PDF editing software that gives users many free and also licensed tools to help them organize, edit and create new PDFs. The program features many free tools that are standard features on most PDF editors like splitting and merging texts or converting them to other file formats.


The licensed features that come with either a yearly or monthly subscription include more advanced tools like watermarking, creating fillable texts, and adding security features. Users can also take advantage of the program’s extensive editing tools to add different elements like images, graphs, or tables.

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