The Services Offered in Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. 

 August 6, 2021

The Services Offered in Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program.

Drug addiction is not something that can be treated at home, it is not some fever that can be treated by taking a few medicines, it is serious—it needs proper attention and professional help. Many people try to detox themselves at home who are going through the drug addiction problem and it never works out. Either the patient gets addicted to the drugs even more or they, unfortunately end their drug addiction in another way which many people do not want to see their loved ones doing the same thing. Therefore, seeing this, medical health professionals have been making different types of treatments to solve different kinds of cases, there are outpatient treatment program, los angeles iop, inpatient treatment, and intensive inpatient treatment along with early intervention as a treatment as well. All these are available at a rehab facility to cure patients suffering from addiction to substances, drugs, alcohol, gaming, food, or anything. Therefore, if you have gotten a checkup at a rehab facility, and are advised to get intensive outpatient treatment program, then here are a few services you should know beforehand.

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Table of Contents

Services of IOP.

Detoxification Service.

This is the most vital part of the treatment program. Everything starts here, the patient has to detox themselves of the drugs, they are advised to leave the drugs and are told to steer away from every place where the patient can get triggers which might make them do drugs again. They are told to stay away from people that made them do drugs as well, all of this is told in counselling to the patients as a part of the detox treatment. Alternate medications are administered that can replace the substances that the patients were abusing themselves with so that they can easily fall away from the drugs.

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Counselling Service.

This service helps the patient learn about the drugs that they are addicted to. Once the patient knows what the drug could have done to their body, how dangerous it would have been for them if they still latched onto the drugs, then they might have a lot of issues, kidney issues, lungs issues, heart issues etc.

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They are told how to tackle certain triggers; they are also told to talk about everything related to their drug addiction. Basically, the counsellor asks questions to find the root cause of drug addiction. It is during this time; the counsellor can check if the patient is really going through some underlying mental health issue or not. Then, the patient is advised to do couple of things to tackle triggers, and to change a few habits in order to treat their drug addiction in los angeles iop.

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Medication Service.

Unlike outpatient program, intensive outpatient treatment program allows the user to get medicated to treat their drug addiction. This isn’t available in outpatient program, mainly because outpatient is for mild drug addicts while inpatient treatment program is usually for moderate levels of drug addict patients. The medication given is similar to the drugs they are on, but in low doses to help with withdrawal symptoms.

Group Therapy Service.

This service really puts the patient at ease, they get to be in the company of current patients and former patients. They get to share their experiences with them, and then they see that if other people can go through the treatment—so can they, this gives them new found hope. The best thing about los angeles iop and its group therapy service is that the patient gets to make a strong support system while they are getting treated which makes them easier to heal and cure their drug addiction.

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