Surge trader review Overview 

 November 29, 2022

Global company SurgeTrader is situated in Naples, Florida, and is supported by venture finance. The business asserts that its financial situation is highly stable and secure. The Surge trader review expertise of seasoned Forex traders, brokers, and venture investors led to the creation of SurgeTrader. Their goal was to hasten trader funding and assist successful traders in maximizing their gains. They think all a good trader needs to succeed, is funds and opportunity.

Describe SurgeTrader:

Everyone has heard tales of businesses being started in a garage or on a napkin at a café. The narrative of SurgeTrader is not all that unlike theirs.

As it does so frequently, the topic of markets and business arose. It wasn’t for lack of skill, inadequate risk management, or any of those things. Instead, they learned that to get a significant return on their time. Traders must leverage their trading accounts. If your investment yields a passive 30% annual return, it’s terrific for your retirement account. However, a $5,000 trading portfolio’s 30% return only amounts to $125 a month. Trading then uses extreme leverage, sometimes up to 500×1. Traders may get a significant return on their investment as a result. To do that takes a lot of time.


What approach did SurgeTrader take to address this issue?

How might they maximize the potential of knowledgeable traders so that they could trade for a living? It’s not about employing gimmick tactics or claiming to have a miraculous algorithm. It concerns Capital. SurgeTrader believed that the missing component would be enough cash to keep traders from overtrading if they could identify traders who could navigate the markets and exhibit strong risk management.

Thus, I created SurgeTrader software. With venture capital investment, SurgeTrader was created by industry experts.


  •  Up to $1,000,000 in Capital
  • Outstanding dashboard and customer service
  • genuine accounts
  • Request a trial offer.
  • $1,000,000, 75% of the challenge account’s profits
  • Trading in the news is allowed.
  • No minimum number of trade days, single-step assessment procedure
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  • Every transaction needs a stop-loss.
  • No weekend trading
  • One lot per 10,000 of the account amount is the maximum open size.
  • Max. trailing drawdown of 5%
  • Leverage levels: 10:1, 5:1, and 2

SurgeTrader Training:

SurgeTrader doesn’t provide any more educational initiatives in the form of courses. However, they offer a good collection of blog postings to assist traders in becoming comfortable with the platform. These blog postings cover various topics, including technical analysis, risk management, and strategy. It differed from the earlier period when they lacked educational resources.

Reviews of SurgeTrader and its social media presence:

Comments made great about SurgeTrader in the reviews. Best prop trading firms have 46 ratings and a 4.5/5 rating. It is important to note that SurgeTrader’s organization responded appropriately to reviews with 1 star. They appear to have been posted by individuals who were angry with SurgeTrader for either losing their trades, causing the algorithm to close their accounts, or contacting them. It doesn’t appear to be significantly related to any unethical behavior by this prop company.

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Is it feasible to obtain SurgeTrader capital?

When choosing the businesses that will best suit your trading style, it is crucial to consider the trading needs of the prop firms. For instance, it sounds fantastic when a business offers a high percentage profit split on well-funded accounts. Still, your prospects of success are minimal if they anticipate substantial monthly profits and modest maximum drawdowns.

After accounting for everything, SurgeTrader is a fantastic option for funding. You will need only a Phase Audit, and you will be expected to employ stop-losses on each transaction.

Given that the profit aim is 10%, the rules of the audition process are reasonable.

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Summary of the SurgeTrader review

SurgeTrader provides money. Funding ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000, with 30-day withdrawal requests and a 75% profit share. Because there is no stop-loss requirement for all trades, this is an excellent spot for novices. A trading account with a $1,000,000 balance is also available to seasoned investors.

I advise anyone searching for reliable outcomes in their trading techniques to use SurgeTraders. Despite being very young, they provide excellent terms and a Phase Audit Process that enables traders to employ various trading techniques.


It’s lovely to see the vast array of trading tools and the inclusion of cryptocurrency trading! The ideal trading circumstances, favorable evaluations, and the company’s expansion amaze us. For those forex traders wishing to get more funds in 2022, Surge Trader is a reputable prop business and among the top possibilities for funding.

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